Book of Interest—Parisian Charm School

Is Paris still Paris? Is “je ne sais quoi” still alive and well?

According to Jamie Cat Callan the answer is a big OUI. And she makes a convincing argument for her case in this delightful and informative book.

The book not only takes us to the secret places where Parisian charm still thrives, but it also introduces us to the people who keep the mystique of it all alive. Don’t think for a minute that the secret is designer clothing and expensive food. It is the people (mostly women) who keep the charm of Paris renewed and growing. Callan is after insight not tourist/marketing data, and that’s what she finds. You might be surprised that there are chapters on reading, thrift-store shopping, and home cooking in addition to the chapters on flirting, dancing, flowers, and personal style.

The book reads like a phone call with a close friend — easy and intimate. It all makes sense. It all makes you feel more exciting just because you read it. It makes you feel like you’ve been to Paris and you can’t wait to go back. Yes, Paris is still Paris, if you know where to look. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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