Book of Interest—Protest Kitchen

How do your food choices affect the world?

Readers beware. For those who are not used to vegan/animals rights content, some of this book might prove to be unsettling. That is, however, part of the point. Many of us like to think of vegan as a lifestyle choice. For many vegans it is also a chance to vote with their wallets for a kinder, more accountable world.

Just last year, I decided to spring for the extra $$$ to buy eggs labeled “cage-free”. This book told me that cage-free chickens are often still warehoused in crowded spaces with no access to daylight or fresh air. As a non-vegan (I do love my cheeseburgers) I admit it all seems too much to worry about. And don’t we all have enough to feel guilty about already?

While initially unsettled by the things I read in this book, I am glad to have the opportunity to consider what’s really at stake here. And these authors have taken non-vegans into consideration in very insightful ways. The fifty vegan recipes in the book incorporate alternatives for “aspiring vegans”. They recommend an app to help readers buy chocolate that does not rely on child labor/slavery for production (I can do that!). I will have to work my way up to using non-dairy creamer in my morning coffee, but it’s now on my list of things to research.

In the end, this is a book about how people can actually make the world better just by considering options when they go to the grocery store or order out. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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