Book of Interest—Playing With FIRE

Are you trading your time for dollars?

FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is a community of people at all income levels who have become disillusioned with chasing the next, most expensive thing at the cost of quality of life. Rieckens tells readers that the end goal is to have enough passive income so that we won’t have to work to pay bills. He’s talking about living simply, NOT retiring. What FIRE offers is freedom, not disenfranchisement.

The core principle is spending less, something that is surprisingly possible if one is willing to give up the illusion of status and find pleasure in what is actually being utilized rather than in the amount of money spent on something (“lifestyle creep”).

FIRE is a seriously organized system based on years of experience, but one of the key points is that it’s flexible. One doesn’t have to show up for meetings or swear allegiance to gain the benefits. The system is adaptable. It’s meant to be customized.

As Millenials begin to join the work force facing overwhelming amounts of debt, either personal or societal, this is a particularly timely book. Filled with tested strategies, tons of resources, and plenty of personal anecdotes (Fire Stories), it’s an easy read that can change your life. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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