Book of Interest—The Right It

Can you predict SUCCESS?

Despite new technologies, it’s not as easy as one might think. The Law of Market Failure suggests that 90% of new ideas will fail not long after they are launched. It doesn’t matter how promising the ideas are, how much work is put into them, or how well executed the launch is. Alberto Savoia, former Director of Engineering at Google has learned the truth of the Law of Market Failure first hand. He’s not delivering a foolproof system for launching a new idea in the market place. Rather, he tells readers that they must first decide whether their cherished idea is the “right idea” and whether or not this is the “right time” to put it center stage.

Savoia has labeled the fear of failure at “failophobia”. He says that while companies like Google tend to have a high tolerance for failure, their employess are likely to choose working on already established successes rather than risk failure by attempting to achieve innovation.

The Right It is an idea that, if properly executed, will succeed in the market place. But how do you know if your idea is The Right It? Well— it takes a whole book to share that information with readers. And while the book is filled with cutting-edge marketing science, Savoia’s style makes it understandable and useful to people who don’t regularly do business in Tech Speak. Learn how to determine if data is “fresh”, how to “prime” customers, why “skin in the game” matters, how to pretotype before prototyping, and why it’s important to “Think globally, test locally”.

This is “the right book” for anyone who wants to rock the world with a cutting edge idea. It’s a daunting task but it can be done. Savoia spells out how it can be done in realistic terms. SHOP FOR THE BOOK.

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2 Responses to Book of Interest—The Right It

  1. Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to review my book and for your accurate representation of both its premise and its promise: focus first on rigorously testing if an idea is The Right It (using the tools I introduce) and the odds for market success will flip sharply in your favor.

    Your writeup is much appreciated and I hope you will always find The Right It not only in your work but in all aspects of your life.


    • Anna says:

      Thank you for your generous feedback, Alberto.
      Comments are meant to be off because I don’t have the resources to monitor the site 24/7.
      Some how this slipped through and I appreciate it.