Book of Interest—The 8th Seal

Are we on the verge of a Biblical global shift?

Celebrated astronomer and astrologer, Don Cerow, believes we are. He combines his understanding of the heavens with his knowledge of mythology and religion in this unparalleled interpretation of the symbolism of the Book of Revelation to make his case.

“As we have seen earlier, Revelation is both visionary and didactic … This is a book of wisdom, teaching on many levels as it continues to unravel its central mystery.”

He includes charts and graphs to make it easier for non-astronomers to follow his line of thought as he presents evidence that, though cryptic, the Book of Revelation follows a direct path through astrological events (the most recent being in 2013) as it presents its prophetic visions.

“The question becomes, however: is faith more important than God? The gentle mists of belief quickly disappear in the bright light of knowing.”

The Age of Pisces, the age of faith, has ended (although there are still death throes). The Age of Aquarius, the age of lightening, has begun. The earth itself will be radically altered by the shift. We are seeing the beginnings of that now.

“A new social mind-set is getting ready to guide the planet, one that will be motivated by a common goal. Ultimately, to share peace as One.”

The transition will be grueling, but the expanse of creativity brings hope in the wake of disruption. The world begins to make sense again with every turn of the page. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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