Book of Interest—Field Guide to the Spirit World

Do spirit entities participate in the Material World?

Thirty years ago, when Reverend Shari Sumrall initiated me into the world of spiritualism, she taught me that protection was the most important thing when contacting disembodied spirits. She had a protocol that was taught to her by her teacher decades before that allowed people to open safely, bypassing misguided spirits. (She also told me that she believed a majority of people in mental institutions are there because they are “oppressed by negative entities”.)

When I started teaching, armed with a little research of my own, I was careful to emphasize protection when working in the other worlds. It kept my classes small and I was accused of teaching from a fear-based stance. (Martinez quotes Robert H. Coddington: “It’s the fashion, in modern New Age philosophies, to deny the very existence of … entities dedicated to committing evil in all its guises … New Agers readily embrace various concepts of benevolent incorporeal entities … but deny the possible existence of any malevolent ones.”)

Now Susan Martinez, who has a doctorate in anthropology from Columbia University, has written this book about encounters in the spirit world that run the whole gamut from selfless helpers to those trapped by their attachment to the material world (I would call them misguided lower astral plane entities). She tells us that a “negative psychic” is one who is “open but not developed, not schooled in vetting psychic input”. She backs it all up with an extensive bibliography. What she discusses resonates completely with my personal experience with entities from the other realms — and I have been awakened in the middle of the night by rotting corpses stroking my cheek while snarling dogs circled my bed. (Paralyzed, I repeated the mantra I learned from Christian Spiritualist Reverend Shari, “Be gone in the name of Jesus Christ and don’t come back” until I could sit up and turn on the lights.) Not to tempt fate, but these spirits now generate sympathy rather than fear in me.

Particularly heart-wrenching are the sections on war veterans, made vulnerable to dark forces by trauma in battle, and then diagnosed as defective by those seeking to avoid the consequences and their care. (John Kerry, in talking about the emotional toll men were carrying as they returned from Vietnam said, “The country doesn’t know it yet, but it’s created a monster …”)

More and more people are consciously opening to the energetic realms beyond the physical plane. It is time for us to have a serious conversation about what that entails. I am grateful to Susan Martinez for beginning the dialog in such a knowledgeable and caring way. The point is not to fear misguided entities. The point is not to let them run rampant in your psyche. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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