Book of Interest—Storytelling Alchemy

How does your story end?

For almost a decade, Damoiselle has been teaching others how to rewrite their personal stories to heal their pasts and empower their lives going forward. She learned how to do that by surviving her own highly abusive childhood. She not only discusses the impact of science, philosophy, and religion on readers day-to-day lives, she successfully combines the mundane with the magical in order to accomplish transformation in those lives.

She zeros in on seven essential tools: understanding the mind-set that is associated with a personal experience, journaling, meditation, ritual, sacred space, sacred senses, and dreams. She describes each tool in depth as she makes the case that writing can be transformative. She tells readers about the different forms of storytelling (dating back to the Sumerian Gilgamesh epic from over three thousand years ago). She then explains why she chose the fairytale as her own personal story form. A series of specific exercises helps readers learn to take a personal experience and turn it into a fairytale with an empowering ending. Then she teaches readers to charge their fairytales (hypersigils) and create rituals based on them.

This is a highly knowledgeable and impassioned plea to claim a story that speaks to our glory rather than our flaws. There is a lot of wisdom consolidated within this deceptively simple book. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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