Book of Interest—ONIBI

Would you go Yokai hunting?

This amazing graphic novel, created by Atelier Sento (otherwise known as Cécile Brun and Olivier Pichard), is dynamic, magical, and engaging. It takes us on a tour of old, almost forgotten Japan, through old villages, mountains, forests, and shrines to meet eccentric local villagers and the spirits that they live with.

The illustrations are mostly accomplished using watercolors and colored pencils. The words are sparse but convey an incredible amount of information to round out the evocative images. Readers truly feel that they have come to know all the people represented in this journey. Cécile and Olivier become our friends as we watch them hunt for ghosts to photograph with the mysterious camera they have acquired.

It’s a simple tale made special by the details included in the telling. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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