Book of Interest—The Hidden History of Elves & Dwarfts

Are there magical dwarfs in your world?

The remnants of dwarfs and elves of long ago are poor representations of the powerful creatures of the ancient natural world of spirits. Santa’s elves and garden gnomes with their pointed hats are an affront to the long standing history of these special, magical beings. Lecouteux takes us on a scholarly adventure, searching through extant literary and mythological texts in search of the creatures that survive in bits and pieces from the oral traditions that existed before the demise of agricultural societies.

Many of you won’t be surprised to learn that the rise of Christianity coincided with the degradation of nature spirits. But there is something in human nature that clings to the natural cycles and the energies that attend to them. Perhaps the most powerful premise Lecouteux puts forth is the connection between dwarfs and the spirits of deceased ancestors. Were they long ago one and the same?

This is not a light read, but everyone who invokes nature spirits for ceremonies or invites faeries to live in their gardens needs to read about the original sources that modern interpretations have derived from. I came away with an entirely new respect for the beings I have, up to now, only been superficially acquainted with. SHOP FOR THE BOOK.

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