Book of Interest—Crossroads of Conjure

Do you HooDoo or VooDoo?

Many of us are aware of the Asian roots of much of the alternative spiritual practice that has caught our attention. Now many of us are beginning to explore nature-based spiritual and magical practices that are less well understood. Thus it would seem that the time is right for a book that takes us through the American practices that, to date, are unknown or glossed over superficially. Katrina Rasbold has risen to that challenge with this amazing book.

Using her own magical experience as a starting point, she takes readers on a tour through the history and practices of African-American HooDoo (and the Creole variations of VooDoo), Scotch-Irish-Appalachian Granny (Mountain) Magic, and (the least publicized) Hispanic-American Brujería and Curanderismo.

Reader-friendly and engaging, the book contains an incredible amount of information. I came away with a much better understanding of how these traditions vary both in practice and philosophy. She does remind us throughout that in their pure forms they all intend to be of service for the highest possible good. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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