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How do you face FEAR?

When I hung out my shingle as a spiritual intuitive (psychic) in 1991, I was stunned by the number of clients who had been sexually molested as children who chose to share their stories with me — many of them telling me that they had never told anyone before. My first reaction was to feel that that I wasn’t competent to help them, but I relied on my “go to” solution for everything, which is to do research. I quickly discovered that the consensus among the leading trauma therapists at the time was that one-third of abuse victims who sought help via licensed therapists were sexually molested by those therapists. I had read and understood enough Carol Rogers to know that just listening authentically, without judgement, could be a transformative interaction for people. I set out to learn how to better hear what these people were saying without feeling that I had to “fix them”.

A lot has changed since 1991. More people are listening now and more information exists about how victims can become survivors. Neuroscience is merging with spiritual and metaphysical practice and more and more techniques are available to help people with stress-related dysfunctions. Tom Bunn first ventured into these waters as an Air-Force-trained pilot with Pan Am. He volunteered to help the company develop a fear-of-flying course. He has since become a licensed therapist. He is the creator of the highly successful SOAR treatment for in-flight panic sufferers and, subsequently, the creator of the 10-day Program for dealing with panic issues which is explained in detail in this book.

What I found most outstanding about the book was Bunn’s common language description of the highly-complex neuroscience behind panic and anxiety. He is able to clearly explain to readers, scientifically, why they become incapacitated in certain situations without attaching any shame or sense of failure to that experience. If 90% of the solution is defining the problem, Bunn does a thorough job of that. He also begins including insight about how his technique helps to relieve the symptoms very early on, making sure that readers know he is going to offer them real help by the end of the book. I wish I had had this book to offer to my clients forty years ago. It is, however, a journey we have all made together over these past decades, offering whatever we had to offer and hoping that someone would be able to make some use of it. I am grateful to Tom Bunn for having so much to offer. SHOP FOR THE BOOK.

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