Book of Interest—Alphabreaths

Can mindfulness be taught through play?

Clinical psychologist Christopher Willard and family therapist Daniel Rechtschaffen join forces with London artist HollyClifton-Brown to add yet another standout book to SoundsTrue’s already stellar lineup of children’s books. Starting with the basic A, B, C’s format, they add mindfulness practice and imaginative play exercises to each page. Clifton-Brown’s illustrations set a new standard with a modern, endearing cast of characters, and the simple, yet powerful, written guidance encourages young children to explore their creative, sensory-based faculties in order to find a serene center that they can access on demand.

Teachers, parents, and all caring adults will recognize the special gift that this book offers in a stressful world. Those with serious psychic development training will also recognize the basics of intuitive skills training contained within these pages. It’s a joy to look at and a blessing share. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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