Book of Interest—The Great Wizards of Antiquity

What is INITIATION and how do I do it?

The answer to that question remains complicated but the history of esoteric exploration is becoming clearer as this first book in a three-book series arrives in print. Ogilvy, who spent 18 months in a cave in New Mexico trying to understand the experience he was researching, begins 44,000 years ago with the time of “Lion Man”. He suggests that this amazing work of figurative art takes us back to the time of “us as we know us”. From there he begins the journey through scholarly, archeological, mythological, religious, spiritual, and political recreations of the great metaphysical explorers of the human race.

He recounts the facts and counter opinions in explicit detail, yet manages to keep the reader engaged in the unfolding esoteric tale. Perhaps we keep following him down this complex rabbit hole because there are just enough insightful “bread crumbs” to make it worth our while. (For there is not anything which is of greater importance with respect to science, experience and wisdom, than the ability of remembering.) Or maybe this well-told story of how humankind has tried to sort out life and afterlife and our purpose here on earth has come to fruition at a time when we all need to try and make some sense of it all aside from the daily media injections.

Ogilvy is scholarly without becoming pedantic, thorough without losing us in a stream of minor details, and confidant in the coordination between his research and his personal experience without assuming superiority. I can’t wait to read the next two volumes. Thanks to Llewellyn for making this great series easily available. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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