Book of Interest—Living Runes

Do you know Odin?

It appears to me that Northern European shamanic/metaphysical traditions are poised to begin trending in a big way. I anticipate reviewing several books in the coming months that chronicle those traditions. When I decided to review Living Runes, it was because Runes are a practical divination tool that evolved from those Northern European traditions. The book turned out to be so much more than that and I can’t thank Galina Krasskova enough for this unexpected treasure.

She tells readers that the book is neither a beginner’s course (although there is basic information) nor a detailed history of the Runes. Instead she provides pages of suggested reading on those topics and more. (I would suggest that novices acquire a set of Runes and turn to the chapter entitled The Elder Futhark. Pull one Rune a day, read the five to six pages on that Rune that Krasskova provides, and spend the rest of the day pondering on how that information is personally relevant.)

What this book intends is to introduce readers to the organic nature of the Runes. There is a living spirit connected to each symbol and those spirits, if approached properly, will introduce readers to a world of spirits and a spiritual system that leads to effective metaphysical development. It’s a path that requires sacrifice. One must shed the old skin in order to grow a new one. It’s a tale told by Odin and these mysterious Norse carvings. It’s a tale which Krasskova passes along powerfully and with great respect. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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