Book of Interest—Digital Transformation

Do you understand the e-World we live in?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and left behind, this book will not hand-hold you back into your comfort zone. If you’re a survivor, even a very confused survivor, this book offers you the basics of understanding that will restore your faith in yourself and the future that is possible for you. Despite the fact that it is dense with cutting-edge information (non-nerdy readers will have to work at connecting with it), Siebel does a brilliant job of translating ivory-tower scientific ideas into language that makes sense to interested bystanders like myself.

It is not an illusion that the rate of change is speeding up. The only security going forward is to train ourselves to be ready for change. I’m a dinosaur who doesn’t really care (yet) about having my whole life digitized for electronic efficiency. To what end? I thought — and AMAZON answered to save you time and money. I tentatively signed up for AMAZON Prime and now I don’t know how I’d live without it. Siebel explains how they do that and why it is a foreshadowing of the world that is to come.

Everything Siebel has to say impacts consumers but he is speaking, first and foremost to businesses. While, traditionally, CEO’s have been the last to be informed about IT innovations, Siebel makes the case that today’s CEO’s need to be the driving force behind IT adaptation if the corporation is to survive. The model extends from the major digital “movers and shakers” down the mountain to startups and “mom-and-pop’s”. It’s the wave of the future and only those (consumers or businesses) who see it coming will survive it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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