Book of Interest—Tea and Cake with Demons

Are you making peace with your demons?

Around the globe, more and more people are embracing spiritual practices that have their roots in Buddhist tradition. Meditation/mindfulness, breathing techniques, directed self-talk/affirmations, chanting, and devotional work have become mainstream. Often they are packaged in modern terminology and sold as miracle cures. What hasn’t been talked about as much in literature aimed at the general population is the fact that any practice that quiets the mind will eventually allow negative thoughts and emotions to rise to the surface of consciousness. It’s why we see so many people go from discipline to discipline, teacher to teacher, trying to achieve the bliss of altering consciousness without having to face the demons that lurk within the bliss. (I think it was Saint Teresa of Avila who warned her nuns about “addiction to the spiritual milk”.)

With this book, Andreanna Limbach addresses the issue (Jung called it The Shadow Self) head on, beginning with a parable about Buddha inviting his ill-intentioned nemesis Mara to be his guest for tea. She links it all to self-worth and uses The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism as her framework. She relates her personal story to bring it all to life in real-world terms.

Written lovingly, without pulling any punches, this a guide for facing our fears, recognizing our “enemies” as our teachers, and embracing what we believe shames us as an integral part of the fabric of who we are. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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