Book of Interest—Backwoods Witchcraft

What are mountains teaching you?

My father grew up in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. He loved the mountains. I learned to love the mountains by osmosis, and two decades ago, when I began driving back and forth between Florida and Manhattan, I chose a route that took me over the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia so I could experience mountains for myself. One winter, I ignored warnings of an impending snow storm and found myself well above sea level on the North Carolina and Tennessee border with the white stuff rapidly blanketing the landscape and the temperature well below zero (making ice under the snow). As I fought to control my rising panic, I heard a voice say, “Listen to the mountain. The mountain will see you through.” It wasn’t my father’s voice but I felt him very close. As I watched the road, I noticed small patches of gray on the right-of-way. “Gravel”, I thought. Slowly I drove the front right wheel off onto the right-of-way and felt the traction increase. I inched down the mountain, monitoring every subtle movement the car made. Finally, I arrived safely at a motel in Erwin, TN with a new respect for The Weather Channel.

When I realized that Jake Richards lived just up the road from Erwin, I instantly felt a connection to him and to this book. He is, however, not writing about people with one or two adventures passing through a place. He is capturing the heritage of people who lived at the mercy of the mountains and learned their wisdom at great cost. He tells their tale with the subtle power of a Hemingway short story but in the language of a family raconteur spinning tales in front of the wood stove.

If you are looking for “witchy” stuff, there is plenty of it (spells, candle magic, curios, herbs, playing card divination, animal spirits, saints and haints, etc.). Some of you, however, if you are lucky like I was, will find that you are closer to nature-based magic than you thought you were. In the end, spirituality/metapsychics is personal. We follow the teacher until we recognize the wisdom within us. Jake Richards is a very good teacher to follow if you want to gain the courage to make your own way along the spiritual path. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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