Book of Interest—Set the Page on Fire

How do you write?

Whether you’re already writing professionally, working towards writing professionally, or just want to write more interesting emails, this book will prove immensely helpful. O’Keefe bypasses all the standard structure and form advice. In fact, he tells readers that focusing on writing “correctly” will undermine the quality of their writing. This is a book aimed at helping readers find their own voice and the thoughts that are best expressed with that voice. As an indication of the kind of maverick he is, he highly recommends Brenda Ueland’s If You Want to Write, originally published in 1938.

He offers his own, effective and time-tested strategy for getting published (The Four-Part Pitch) for those who are focused on getting their writing published, but the greater value of this book is its careful exploration of the creative process when applied to the art of writing.

I’m adding some of my favorite soundbite quotes from the book to give you an idea of what awaits you between these thoughtful pages.

“The best way to call on the muse is to write a little every day.”
“If you lose the voice, the pace, the sense of discovery, you lose the reader.”
“When you write quickly and clean it up later, your writing will be stronger and more exciting…”
“Good writers write well, and great writers listen well.”
“Writer’s block may be holding you back for good reason.”
“The act of trying to put your thoughts into alphabet will change your thoughts.”


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