Book of Interest—Beyond the Known: REALIZATION

How high are you ready to go?

As I began reading this book, I got flashes of memories going back to when I first read A Course in Miracles and the writings of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. I soon became aware that, while this is also a channeled text (unedited) with implanted spiritual energy links, it is definitely a channeled text for the 21st century. The language and explanations are less obtuse (and less sexist) and, in my opinion, the lessons shared are intended to move those of us incarnate on the Physical Plane now to a new level of comprehension of the higher wisdom. Gen X’s and Millenials will probably connect with it much more easily than those of us who have been studying esoteric, spiritual principles for decades. It is written for the world they were born into.

Paul’s (I take the liberty of referring to him as his guides do) guides use the metaphor of visiting an Upper Room to communicate the experience of moving up to a higher vibrational awareness. I interpret the Upper Room, correctly or incorrectly, as representing the higher level of the Mental Plane, the level of Sacred Geometry and the Higher Self. This is the level of consciousness where union with the Divine becomes an experience and not an intellectual idea. Paul’s guides go to great lengths to inform readers of what that means and how it works.

I admit I haven’t read Paul’s earlier channeled texts. I tend to avoid modern writings which claim to be channeled. Once I started reading REALIZATION, however, I couldn’t put it down. If you have any awareness of shifts in your spiritual awareness, I think you will be as grateful as I am that Paul has shared this compassionate and loving instruction with us. If none of the above makes sense to you, maybe you will want to give the book a try anyway. Paul’s guides might be much better at informing you than I am. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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