Book of Interest—Slavic Witchcraft

Are you ready for real conjure?

This author is a fifth-generation hereditary witch who was born and raised in the Soviet state. The ancient secrets of magic, healing, and fortune-telling were a part of everyday life when she was growing up. It was a world where metaphysics was woven into the culture and where the belief was that, if you empowered yourself, you could change the world.

The book is an original mix of history, mysticism, and practical spellworking. Helvin explains the combining of paganism with Christianity in Russia, relating it to the same “dual faith” in the Caribbean broadly known as Voodoo. She introduces us to the rites and pagan gods of the ancient Slavs. Throughout the book she traces the path from ancient nature-based spirituality into modern pagan practices.

The bulk of the book is comprised of spells and she doesn’t water them down for novice sensibilities. In addition to sprinkling salt and collecting morning dew, there are more than few that require things like anthills, graveyard dirt, and chicken feet. She is recording real world (mostly peasant) practices, not creating palatable derivatives. My favorite chapter is Chapter Two. It is a thorough, yet readable, overview of the way energy can be collected and focused to achieve shifts in the material world. Also in this chapter, she covers many of the basics of initiate work that exist in any true path of metaphysical unfoldment.

I’m not sure how many of you will be taking picnic baskets to cemeteries at midnight to summon the spirits of the deceased but I am sure that, whatever your inclinations, you will find more than a few things of interest in these well-thought-out pages. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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