Book of Interest—REVOLUTION of the SOUL

Where does your dharma take you?

In the twenty-five years I’ve been reviewing new consciousness books, I’ve used the word amazing more than a few times. This time, however, Seane Corn has raised the bar on amazing. I will never use that word the same way again.

Seane takes us on a wild ride (she defines the Seeker archetype) from Chapter One to Chapter Twelve. It was while bartending in a gay men’s sex club in 80’s Manhattan that she met her first angel, Billy, a gay man who would shortly die of AIDS. When he asked if she believed in God, she replied, “I reject the fantasy that there’s a puppeteer controlling our actions.” After an intense discussion, he placed his hand on her heart and said, “God is right there…It’s inside us, and it’s what connects us to one another.” She tells us that she awakened that night to the simple truth of seeing God within in a way that altered the course of her life.

Seane bids us farewell at the end of the book, by introducing us to an angel that came to her in a garbage dump in Cambodia. As she was touring the area, which had become a village for displaced people, she asked to be shown evidence of Billy’s God Within in “this horrific place”. “Where the f*** is God?” Almost instantly she feels a small hand in her hand and discovers that a young boy has given her a red and silver, heart-shaped medallion — and thus she brings us full circle, back to the beginning and her first spiritual teacher.

Many of you might read this book because she is known as a yoga teacher to the rich and famous. She gives that power back to readers over and over again as she weaves an enlightened thread through her narrative about the illusion of privilege and the true source of power. Whatever you are looking for, Seane has something of interest to say to you. Don’t miss this one. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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