Book of Interest—Intuitive Intelligence

How well do you hear your inner voice?

This is the best left-brain analysis of right-brain functioning I have ever read. It will make sense to analytical and creative types alike. O’Brien has walked both sides of the fence successfully and he understands the value of everything he discovered along the way.

When he talks about making life-changing decisions, it’s not an intellectual exercise. In the late 80’s, he left a lucrative career as a software marketing specialist to create Synchronicity, a multimedia version of the I Ching for use on early graphical computers like the Macintosh. Eventually, despite a bumpy road, he ended up with a very successful ecommerce divination business. Then it was time for O’Brien to roll the dice again and that’s what he did. He sold the business and dedicated his life to sharing his Visionary Decision Making approach to success.

The VDM system is founded on Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity. Timing is everything and knowing when the timing is right (intuitive intelligence) can be learned. Creative powers can be accessed consciously and O’Brien details the skills that help us do that. Creativity, however, needs to be managed, and O’Brien tells us how to do that as well.

Drawing on ideas as seemingly diverse as The Law of Attraction and Chaos Theory, he demonstrates again and again that everything is interconnected and logical, albeit it in a non-linear way. The key to success is doing your homework then letting go. Easier said than done—until you’ve read Intuitive Intelligence. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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