Book of Interest—Blossoms and Bones


Have you made the descent?

The earliest written record of a heroine’s journey to the netherworld is the Sumerian myth of Inanna. The existing versions of her story are framed by the patriarchy (history is written by the winners) but every woman who has made any part of the inner journey to reclaim her soul will recognize that journey in whatever form it appears. And it seems as if the time to tell these tales out loud has come around again. A few weeks ago I reviewed Seane Corn’s powerful narrative of her descent and return. Now Melinda Mullen of Harper Collins has sent me this incredible graphic memoir by Kim Krans, creator of The Wild Unknown Oracle, to review. Both of these books are 100% woman-told and it is the raw truth that they are telling, no punches pulled, hair and makeup be damned. (Gentlemen are, of course, welcome but remember that you’ve been warned.)

In Kim’s version of the heroine’s quest, she is spending a month in an ashram in Pennsylvania to deal with a post-divorce eating disorder that is threatening to take over her life. After traditional avenues of healing fail to stop the invasion, she turns and faces the disorder head on by “drawing the feelings” that fuel the disorder. What the reader sees are the original, first-draft pages, as she drew and journaled to reclaim her life. The minor edits that she made are right there on those pages for all to see.

The end of the tale is the beginning as, after having added ten days to her journey, she begins the ascent to return to the land of the living, buoyed by hope. The book contains seven prayers that literally vibrate off the page when the reader comes across them. Thank you, Kim, for this special gift. PRE-ORDER THE BOOK

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