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Can you make goal setting work for you?

Decades ago, I learned about the importance of setting goals and then working backwards to create manageable steps to accomplish the goal. I was even successful at using the technique to help make a major career change. And while I believe that there is magic in writing down goals and reviewing them, I also realize that without further instruction, most people don’t get further than the writing-down part. This book is about further instruction and it is state-of-the-art further instruction.

In 258 enlightening pages, Gilkey gives us they information we need to stop sabotaging our best-laid plans and begin doing our best work according to plan. Lowering the dread-to-work ration, habit stacking, after-action reviews, the gift of failure, the Five Project Rule, no-win scenarios, derailers versus naysayers, listening with your feet, and momentum planning are just a few of the topics that Gilkey covers in-depth.

My suggestion is that readers give the book a relatively quick first-read and highlight the things that stand out to them on that initial perusal. Then go back to the beginning and spend one week with each chapter, thoroughly digesting its content. Pay careful attention to the things that weren’t noticed on the initial read through. Those are probably the things that are blocking completion/success.

Gilkey tells readers that their best work takes a lot of effort. Seriously working with this book will be a very valuable first step for many readers. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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