Book of Interest—The Sacred Herbs of Samhain

How do you celebrate the deceased?

The natural world connects us to the Otherworld/Higher Realms/Invisible Realms. Through the earth, the air, and the waters we draw energy from on high and create openings to realms of wisdom beyond the physical plane. Plants, especially herbs, draw spirits from those worlds and enable us to capture the higher energies that they bring with them. While Hopman has focused on using herbs to contact the spirits of those who have died, she also offers readers a very comprehensive overview of using plants and their essences to generally draw in the energies of the higher levels of awareness.

The first part of the book includes instructions for using plants to make teas, salves, poultices, fomentations, tinctures, homeopathic dilutions, and flower essences. The next section contains detailed documentation for dozens of herbs (primarily those which are associated with communication with spirits), citing their history in spiritual/metaphysical use, suggesting uses for the modern practitioner, and cautioning about negative side effects and misuse. The last part of the book focuses specifically on the rituals surrounding Samhain. There are intriguing, simple recipes throughout the book.

Beginners will find many entry points that make this work accessible to them. Experienced practitioners will find interesting details and insights throughout that will pique their interest. Whether you regularly speak with the discarnate (as I do) or have a garden that seems to be bustling with life forms you can’t quite bring into focus, this is a reference book that you will find helpful over and over again. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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