Book of Interest—Santa Muerte

Can you engage the Lady of the Holy Death?

Tracey Rollin tells us right up front, in the beginning of this book, that she is more concerned with results-oriented magic than she is with tradition. Still, she conveys quite a bit of information regarding the traditions (and possible cultural origins) of Santa Muerte. Condemned by the Catholic Church, Santa Muerte remains a folk saint. She has never been accepted into the ranks of official Catholic spiritual figures. She has survived through the centuries (perhaps millennia) because of her inherent appeal to the core instincts of the human race. She has become famous in the last few decades because drug traffickers have embraced her powers for their own sensationalized purposes and the media has jumped on the band wagon.

Now Rollin has given us a definitive history and how-to, all in one easy-to-read source. She turns away from the negative practices associated with criminal behavior (beating Santa Muerte’s statue and withholding offerings in order to achieve illegal and often violent ends). Instead, she encourages us to engage Santa Muerte in the world of our own experience for purposes of enlightenment and healing. She offers plenty of suggested rituals and ceremonies, but releases us to create our own bridge to this increasingly powerful goddess.

I have read this book several times now and Santa Muerte becomes more alive to me with each perusal. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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