Books of Interest—2019 HOLIDAY Gift Book Roundup

DINOSAUR YOGA • Miriam Gates & Matthew Rivera • Sounds True
Miriam Gates has established herself as the go-to person for KIDS & YOGA. Now she is adding DINOSAURS to the mix. Matthew Rivera brings it all to life. His dynamic illustrations are filled with emotive versions of the ancient creatures that will make readers want to hug them. Of course, the yoga teaching is very serious despite the light-hearted presentation. Youngsters will learn techniques for processing negative emotions and restoring calm within themselves. There are instructional aides for parents who want to be involved in it all. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

TAROT for YOUR SELF • Mary K. Greer • Weiser Books
Spirituality continues to gain prominence over religion as more information becomes available to the general public and more people begin taking responsibility for their own lives. Mary K. Greer was one of the pioneers in the new spirituality movements and the original pioneer in the world of tarot. Tarot for Your Self was a breakthrough book 35 years ago. This is the third edition, reprinted with minimal edits and under the watchful eye of the author. Packed with insight, guidance, history, and an embrace of the joyful pursuit of an individual path to self-fulfillment, it is as relevant and informative today as it has ever been. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

THE BOY, THE MOLE, THE FOX and THE HORSE • Charlie Mackesy • HarperOne
This unassuming little book is a miracle waiting to be shared. “If at first you don’t succeed, have some cake”, says the Mole. Cake is a recurring thread of humor throughout (Mackesy is, after all, a cartoonist—and a realist.) It reminds us not to take these profound messages too heavily. A light heart most easily walks the path to joy. The illustrations burst off the page with their spontaneity and fearlessness. One contains the paw print additions of Mackesy’s dog, another a tea cup stain. (Presentation follows message.) Sometimes color is added, sometimes not. “When the dark clouds come … keep going.” Reading this book feels like a hug. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

OPENING DOORS WITHIN • Eileen Caddy • Findhorn Press
It was 1953 when Eileen Caddy began hearing a quiet voice within herself that provided guidance for her and for those around her. The guidance of that quiet voice drew followers from around the world and served as the foundation for the Findhorn Foundation Community. Eventually, she was told to stop giving guidance to others. It was time for them to find that quiet voice within themselves. Fortunately, she was given the spiritual wisdom contained within this perennial diary before the quiet voice was silenced. Eileen Caddy walked the spiritual path with difficulty, facing more than a few serious obstacles. Those challenges helped her recognize the wisdom of the messages she was hearing and communicate them with insight. “Once you have taken a step forward in faith, never look backwards or start regretting what you have left behind.” SHOP FOR THE BOOK

THE LITTLE BOOK of CAT MAGIC • Deborah Blake • Llewellyn
Many people interested in the occult sciences have cats. Those who prefer dogs might not get this book. Those who already have an established admiration for felines should be bowled over by Blake’s humor and knowledge of cat history and trivia. Moving on to more serious considerations, this book records cat myths, folklore and tales, and cat deities. It includes volumes of serious information about connecting with and caring for felines. Of course, Blake delivers on the magic component with an indepth chapter on cats as familiars and another chapter on cat divination. There are even cat crafts and recipes. The book contains lots of quotes about cats. I’ll leave you with this one: Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this. —Terry Pratchett SHOP FOR THE BOOK

THE BEER LOVER’S TABLE • Claire Bullen with Jen Ferguson • Dog ‘n Bones
Craft beer is a rising wave approaching its peak. I remember the days when I would ask about premium wines by the glass and even the restaurant manager would answer me like I was nut job. Now the world is getting ready to understand that a “fine beer” can be paired with good food the same way a “fine wine” can be, even in casual circumstances. Jen Ferguson saw the potential for craft beer early on and when she met Claire Bullen, who understood the food component that went with it, they began to make history. This book is a gold mine for any one who cooks seriously (Slow-Fermented ‘nduja Pizza). But there are plenty of recipes for those who are looking to get their foot in the door (Three-Cheese Toasted Sandwiches with Tomato Bisque). Even if you don’t drink alcohol, the recipes are outstanding (Seared Duck Salad with Orange Vinaigrette, Dal with Fried Onions and Lime Cream, Indian-Spiced Fried Chicken, Blue Cheese Macaroni). SHOP FOR THE BOOK

Want to get your children off their e-devices and back into the physical world? This book offers you a great technique for doing just that and the earlier you introduce it the better. With just your fingers—and a bit of cardboard and a little bit of tape to wrap the ends when weaving pieces together—you’re on your way to creating finished projects that are stylish and fun. Yarn suggestions make the projects state-of-the-art. Instructions and yarn suggestions make it easy for people, young or old, to start turning out scarves, scrunchies, hats, and purses that they love. Discover the magic of “hands on” for yourself. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

THE HIDDEN CODE • P. J. Hoover • CBAY Books
IN THE INTEREST OF FULL DISCLOSURE: Young Adult Literature is not my area of expertise. I only read this book because P. J. is my cousin. I am reviewing it because I LOVED it! Hannah Hawkins, the female adventurer who narrates this exotic, twisty tale, took me back through the fogs of time to the days when I was nearly obsessed by Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton. Hannah is, however, a thoroughly updated version of those gutsy, feminine sleuths. She accesses all the latest technologies as she pursues the truth behind the disappearance of her parents and the mysteries to be revealed by the ancient, archeological treasure in her possession. Hannah makes an excellent role model, researching, strategizing, and demonstrating people skills beyond her years. What young readers will most appreciate though is the fact that there is literally never a dull moment in the well-constructed telling of this tale. There is even a romantic aspect which delivers pretty intense attraction within a female-respectful, positive framework. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

KAHLIL GIBRAN’S LITTLE BOOK of WISDOM • Neil Douglas-Klotz • Hampton Roads
This is the fourth and final book in a series that reaches back more than a century to extract the wisest of the words of wisdom Gibran left us. He thought in Arabic, was raised in Middle Eastern culture, and was a student of nature mysticism. When he became popular in the 1920’s, it was partly the exotic nature of his writings that attracted attention. Today, his words take us back to a time and civilization that predates the violence that has come to represent the Middle East today. He wrestled with the ideas of good and evil, of what God really was, of reconciling feelings of exile, and of what happiness really is. His beautiful words, pared down to the minimal, are a gift that has great meaning in the chaotic world we live in now. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

RAIN • Anders Holmer • Eerdmans
Visual artist and architect Holmer, once again combines his love of nature with his love of poetry. Writing in English, he has chosen the form of traditional Japanese Haiku to put words to the powerful double-page-spread illustrations in this book. His art takes us around the globe, focusing on small magical moments that become larger than life. (Half awake and drenched/a beetle stands guard in the/middle of the path.) Each illustration transports the reader into connection with a physical experience. Once there, the words and artwork teach us something we sense is important but we must figure out what and how for ourselves. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

IF YOU PLAYED HIDE-AND-SEEK WITH A CHAMELEON • Bill Wise and Rebecca Evans • Dawn Publications
Blending creative imagination with science, and adding a dose of humor, this latest release from Dawn takes kids on a journey through the natural world comparing their skills with the skills of some of their favorite animals. How many grown-ups can an elephant carry? Could you out race a cheetah? Could you out jump a kangaroo? Could you eat as many pies as a hippo? DAWN’s trademark dynamic, inclusive illustrations take young readers through a journey of comparison that’s sure to get them thinking. As usual, there are suggestions for further study at the end. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

For those who love “animanga” and all the youthful creativity of modern Japan, but who also love the beauty and serene formality of traditional Japan, this is a must have book. There is a wealth of information, about everything from The Imperial Palace Gardens to Maid Cafes to Tax-Free Shopping to the best convenience stores (my Japanese friend, Miho, assures me that 7-Eleven is indeed an excellent place to find budget-conscious Japanese food). It is all presented in manga/comic book form. The author is, after all, a superstar comic book artist. Reading this book will make you want to go to Japan and experience all of these interesting things for yourself. In the meantime, you will smile and sometimes laugh out loud as you make your way through Neo’s fun-loving Tokyo. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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