Book of Interest—Gravity and Grace

Do you have a personal yoga?

Somewhere back in the 70’s, I used to get up at dawn, turn on PBS, and spend half an hour with Richard Hittelman doing yoga before I left for work in the morning. I still do some of those poses I learned in front of the TV and I still remember experiencing the new understanding of my body that came with the strange positions he was teaching. Like Sterios, who used his knowledge of yoga to recover from a severe spinal injury, I almost always turn to what I learned in front of the TV back then when I find my self in physical pain. Since those early days, yoga has become more and more commercialized in the West and Instagram has turned yoga into a competitive sport.

In Gravity and Grace, Sterios is asking readers to give up the quest for perfecting poses and go back to the healing roots of yoga practice. He gives us all permission, based on his four decades of yoga experience, to make yoga our own and discover the subtle energies within our bodies that yoga is intended to free up. He reintroduces us to our bodies in a way that nurtures, inspires and empowers.

Sterios covers information that has become common lingo in the West, putting it into the overall context of a journey of self-discovery. He talks about Chakras, Nadis, Subtle Energy Bodies, Alpha States, and the wave frequencies of different levels of consciousness. As he progresses, the information becomes more and more sophisticated, but it is always about connecting with our bodies on our own terms.

This book is a valuable contribution to a world that has us competing ourselves into extinction. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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