Book of Interest—Breathing as Spiritual Practice

Do you feel the presence of God?

If concentration is the first step toward profound, transformational meditation, it is also the most difficult step for most people to master. Johnson begins there on Day One in this ten-day journal recounting his retreat in search of the unifying presence which is commonly referred to in the West as God. He specifically focuses his spiritual search on the three major Western religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. He finds the common denominator on his journey is breath. It is the ultimate thread that transcends the words of diversity and brings us into the common experience of Unity.

Far from being an elitist, intellectual treatise on spiritual life, this journal is a down-to-earth, return-to-the-basics guide to gently following the breath into a more peaceful place. He covers all the basics, including dark nights of the soul, without sending up complex smoke screens that discourage people along the path. He tells us that the pain and doubt that come up along the way can be moved through with the same simple focus on breath with which he began.

His insights are powerful. His example makes this undertaking seem possible to all those who come after him. His message is clear. This is an easy-to-read-and-understand manual for what is, in reality, a very complex journey inward. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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