Book of Interest—Beyond Performance 2.0

How do you turn the ship around?

These authors tell us that less than a third of large-scale change programs succeed. They back their statements up with research data, lots and lots of research data. They acknowledge that they go to great lengths to scientifically verify the conclusions that they have come to. Those of you who are less academically, facts-and figures, inclined might want to start with Part II (page 61) The Five Frames which is where they tell us what to do based on all the research they have done.

We all know that the world we live in is changing faster than most of us feel we can handle. Whether you are head of a large company, owner of a small business, or just trying to reorganize your life so that’s it more flexible and functional in today’s climate, this book provides psychological insights and real-world strategies that can be of great help.

There are very well-designed charts throughout the book for those who are visual learners. The language is readable and clear despite the density of information that’s being communicated. This is not a quick read but what is offered to the reader is definitely worth the effort. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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