Books of Interest—2019 HOLIDAY Gift Book Roundup

COSY: The British Art of Comfort • Laura Weir • HarperOne
Weir began honing in on the elements that create true cosy when the strain of her successful career as a London journalist began closing in on her. Cosy (as opposed to cozy or the social media phenomenon hygge) is personal and self-defined. It’s a cup of tea that’s life-affirming. It’s the weight of winter clothes that slows us down. It’s shelter from the rain. It’s knitting, home cooking, lighting, central heating, sharing, and self-care. Rose Electra Harris’ illustrations bring it all to life. This is a small treasure that wishes us well. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

The Gift of Great Chinese Wisdom • Angela Kerr, illustrator & Helen Exley, editor • Conari Press
No introduction necessary. The words of Lao Tzu, Confucius, Deng Ming-Dao, Hsueh Tou, Chuang Tzu, Meng Tse, Mencius, Tzu Yeh, Li Po, Tschen Tschi, and the anonymous authors of “Chinese Proverbs” and the Tao Te Ching, speak for themselves. The bold, modern design of the book signals the universal import of their words. Angela Kerr’s dynamic, yet traditional illustrations bring it all to life. This is a gem to meditate on, take comfort from, and share with others. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

ALPHABREATHS • Christopher Willard, Daniel Rechtschaffen, & Holly Clifton-Brown, illustrator • SoundsTrue
This is yet another standout book in SoundsTrue’s already stellar lineup of children’s books. Starting with the basic A, B, C’s format, mindfulness practice and imaginative play exercises are added in order to encourage young children to explore their creative, sensory-based faculties. Teachers, parents, and all caring adults will recognize the special gift that this book offers in a stressful world. Those with serious psychic development training will also recognize the basics of intuitive skills training. It’s a joy to look at and a blessing share. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

First-Time Vegan • Leah Vanderveldt & Clare Winfield, photography • Ryland Peters & Small
Whether you’ve decided to embrace a vegetarian diet or are just looking for an interesting way to add more vegetables to your diet, this book will be extremely helpful. Vanderveldt reccomends moderation and flexibility, not radical lifestyle changes. Maybe Black Been and Beet Burgers will work for you. Maybe you’ll stick with beef burgers but add a side of Garlic Greens, Green Thai Soup, or Coconut Brown Rice. Winfield’s photographs make this a page-turner and Vandervelot’s recipes deliver on her promise of delicious and simple. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

The Witch’s Altar • Jason Mankey & Laura Tempest Zakroff • Llewellyn
These pagan authors aren’t joined at the hip. To the contrary, Jason is a Gardnerian Witch and Tempest is a Modern Traditional Witch. As they worked together over the years, they discovered that they had a lot in common and, hence, this book was born. It was Jason who knew they were meant to write about creating Altars. With the help of their friends, they tell readers about the purpose and history of altars, altar-natives (include faery altars), altar maintenance, and altar troubleshooting. This is a one-stop reference guide, whether you’re starting out with an end table or creating an elaborate outdoor shrine. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

My First Book of Haiku Poems • Tracy Gallup, illustrator & Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen, translator • Tuttle
In this extraordinary book, young children are introduced to twenty haiku, each written by a Japanese Haiku Master. Issa speaks of a bird let out of a cage. Onitsura tells young readers about calling out to fireflies. Shou immortalizes the year’s first dream. Basho describes moon-viewing. The haiku are printed in English, as well as in script and Romaji. Gallup’s illustrations are magically rendered, and Ramirez-Christensen has provided questions for each drawing to promote enlightening discussion. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

Awakening Your Crystals • Sharon L. McAllister • Earthdancer
At a time when interest in crystals is burgeoning, this book is a fortuitous and timely arrival. I was especially heartened to see McAllister’s diligent introductory comments regarding the inclusion of traditional medical practice in crystal healing applications, the acceptance of undesired outcomes as part of someone’s life journey, and the request to not mix crystal healing work with recreational drugs or alcohol. This book contains an amazing amount of basic crystal information, combined with extraordinary photographs that make the crystals “real” for readers. Eight crystals are covered in elaborate detail, with 60 additional crystals concisely photographed and presented at the end. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

The Big Book of Poker • Dario De Toffoli • Duncan Baird Publishers

“…the fact remains that while the Napoleonic Wars raged in Europe, poker was born in the newly formed United States of America.” —Sergio Valzania

To this day poker maintains a mystique that separates it from other games. De Toffoli suggests that it may be because poker is the game that best represents real-life competitions. In this 282-page tome, he tells us everything we need to know about the game and how to play it at all levels. Beginnning with the history of poker, he covers everything from dress codes to fitness to mathematical expectation to playing a tournament. The book contains simple diagrams and charts throughout to make the material visually understandable. This seems like a millenial trend waiting to happen. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

Vibrate Higher Daily • Lalah Delia • HarperOne
Born into crime-ridden South Central Los Angeles, Delia’s path to spiritual mentor wasn’t lined with flowers and angelic music. She was dragged down into the abyss and survived despite her attempts not to. Sharing the enlightenment that came with her survival has become her life’s work. She opens this book by telling readers, “If you are outgrowing who you’ve been, you are right on schedule.” She ends the book with a call to action, asking readers to stay focused on a higher awareness and lift the world around them by holding “space for growth and transformation”. What’s in between is a passionate guidebook for rising above the chaos and reclaiming personal power. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

Silent Swoop • Michelle Houts & Deb Hoeffner, illustrator • Dawn Publications
Dawn Publications is dedicated to bringing understanding of the natural world into children’s lives. They have outdone themselves with this exceptional, real-life story about a misplaced owl’s egg and the man who retrieved and incubated the egg. The little rescued owl thrived in his care and became an education bird, traveling to schools and nursing homes. Hoeffner’s inclusive illustrations bring this story to life with a tangible sense of the special connection between the owl and his caregivers. As usual Dawn has ended the book with follow-up information and suggested activities for young readers. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

The Little Book of Angel Healing • Kimberly Marooney • Hampton Roads
The creator of the Angel Blessing Cards is now offering readers a guided tour of what she calls Archangel Raphael’s Healing Clinic. You can feel the light, angelic energy as you turn the pages of this uplifting book. After describing her personal experience with Angel Healing, Marooney gives us 30 Angel Healing Remedies which contain specific practices and an Angel Blessing for that particular issue. Rather than just removing symptoms, the remedies are intended to align us with our inherent health. It is a very special journey that this book takes us on. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

The Call of the Swamp • Davide Cali & Marco Somà • Eerdmans
The duo who produced The Queen of the Frogs has achieved a new plateau with this book. Boris is a hybrid from the swamp, human but with gills like a fish. A childless couple adopts him anyway but eventually Boris follows the salty smell of the swamp back to the place of his birth. The ensuing story is a tale of compassion, acceptance, patience, and personal exploration. It is a tale every non-traditional or adoptive family will want to read, regardless of their ages. Somà’s illustrations are exquisite and magical, with lots of additional activity included with the main themes. The story is written with a quiet wisdom and trust in the positivity of life in general. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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