Review – In Case of Spiritual Emergency

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It seems clear that the human race is undergoing a collective spiritual awakening. Presaged by the rise of interest in metaphysical subjects, the spiritual energy pouring into the physical realm now is changing the way we all perceive and react to the world we live in, sometimes triggering painful physical and emotional crisis. The time is very right for a book like In Case of Spiritual Emergency, and Lucas, founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network, is the perfect person to have written it.

Backing up her thesis that we are all evolving (and not just going insane), she cites research by the likes of Stanislav and Christina Grof, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Roberto Assagioli, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and Robert Monroe. She shows us what a spiritual emergency looks like using the stories of St. Teresa of Avila, Vincent Van Gogh, Carl Jung, Amma, and Eckart Tolle — among others. Once she has convinced us that things like peak experiences, past-life memories, and psychic openings are all signs of spiritual growth, not mental illness, she outlines a three-part protocol for successfully navigating the waters of spiritual awakening.

Becoming enlightened isn’t a journey of peacefulness and flowers. The road is often treacherous and missing both signposts and seasoned guides. Many of us have taken turns that led to scary and confusing places. Now there is a book to lead people through the chaos, into the light, and then back into the world to help others. Thank you, Catherine Lucas.

Anna Jedrziewski

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