Review – Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love
Growing Mindful Relationships
Jerry Braza
$14.95 P, ISBN 978-0-8048-4169-6
Tuttle Publishing

Applying the metaphor of gardening to spiritual growth is not a new idea, but author Braza has taken it to a new level. Following the advice of his spiritual teacher, mindfulness pioneer Thich Nhat Hanh, Braza has focused his own teaching on selecting which seeds within us (and others) to focus on and the tools needed to nurture those seeds. The best way to plan for the future, he tells us, is to care for the best seeds within us today. Mindfulness, he says, is the best tool available for doing that.

Braza gently weaves his personal story throughout the teachings, making the book read more like a novel than a how-to. Highlighting his concepts with teachings from a broad range of spiritual traditions greatly increases the chance that readers will not only understand what he is telling them, but will also be able to relate the teachings to their own lives. Even-toned, supportive, and proactive, Seeds of Love offers hope and serenity in a time of upheaval.

Anna Jedrziewski

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