Review – Earth Alchemy

Why shouldn’t human beings sleep in the same places where their cats sleep? Can the big toe find water? This book has the answers — and a lot more! The authors have made a major contribution to the effort to revive the ancient European wisdom traditions that gave rise to Sacred Geometry and Freemasonry.

Unlike Eastern traditions (such as Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vatsu), the Western wisdom was lost to the general public during the Industrial Revolution. The current technological revolution has highlighted the resulting disconnect between nature and humanity. Parker and Susani ask us to return to the old teachings in the interest of better health for ourselves and for the planet. The tools required are basic: dowsing rods, wooden stakes, and stones. As we become more attuned to our bodies, even those tools become unnecessary. We are encouraged to learn to use our bodies as barometers and transformers of the earth’s energies. There are exercises for learning to discern underground water and fault lines, and lessons about how to let ourselves be adopted by trees and open “forest doors” with the touch of a hand. The authors reference the advancements in modern science for emphasis, and Eastern techniques to help illustrate their concepts, but they always return to personal experience as the key to living a happier life in the physical world. We are surrounded by energy, natural and manmade. Earth Alchemy tells us how to bring order out of the chaos and create the energetic environment that suits us best.

Anna Jedrziewski

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