Inspir-A-Poem™ Number Fourteen

The day of darkness approaches
… and everyone cocoons.

Lights become more meaningful.
I seek out holiday decorations
… with their bright colors and sparkle.

Often it is a cozy time.
Sometimes it is nostalgic, sad.
Always there is a closeness to my thoughts.
The world seems smaller
… and I seem bigger in it.

It is not all familiar though.
There is mystery in the darkness.
Unknown things, which can’t be seen
… weave a story which remains untold.

Is someone seeking entry to my cocoon?
Or is there one already here.
Or perhaps the pulsing of my own subconscious
… begins to take a form that can be felt in the darkness.

When the light returns, the world will lose its magic
… and happiness will come from what is known.
I will miss the flickering possibilities of the dark.

Copyright © 2008 Anna Jedrziewski

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