Book Review – Old World Witchcraft

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Four decades of serious research create the foundation from which Raven Grimassi reviews modern society’s beliefs about witches and witchcraft. He explores traditional ideas derived from academic sources, theological depictions generated in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the often imaginative creations of Neo-Paganism. Whether the ideas romanticize or vilify witches, Grimassi sets out to put the record straight in order to allow a rebirth of the ancient practices which connect humans to the spirit and energies of the earth. He tells us the truth about faeries, the power of trees, the role of deities/demons, communication with ancestral spirits, and the connection to nature and the realm of shadow. In particular, he is interested in witches as herbalists and plant specialists.

The first half of the book will intrigue those with a scholarly interest. The last half of the book will delight practitioners. It becomes almost lyrical, as Grimassi delves into the folklore of plants and witchcraft, documenting plant spirits, grimoires, rituals, and magical practices.

Anna Jedrziewski

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