Book Review – Voodoo Hoodoo Spell Book


Weiser Books

This is a book that puts the magic back into magic. One needs only to read the preface by Doktor Snake to feel the spirits stir and hear the sounds of the bayou. The book itself is written with love and respect. The author is uniquely qualified to write it. Called by the spirits at a young age, she grew up learning the myriad, mix ‘n match spiritual traditions of New Orleans and Mississippi. She did so during a time when intolerance required that those traditions be passed along behind closed doors. She was clearly meant to be a Wise Woman, with one eye on the spirits (the Ancestors) and one eye on the cultural context of the physical world. She was also meant to be a teacher, preserving the heart of New Orleans’ folkloric, magical traditions, and passing it along to future generations.

Valuable as a history of African-based religions in America (and of the slave trade in Louisiana), it is more importantly a lively, fun resource for those who wish to reclaim the power of personal interaction with the invisible forces that move the world. It is an exciting treasure trove of information on spirits and spells that inspires as well as it informs.

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