Inspir-A-Poem™ Number Sixteen

Today I ache with weariness
… from doing battle.

I am too tired to muster hope or joy
… but knowing they are there is enough.

The lesson learned is that we can have faith
… even when we can’t feel faith.

Going on, putting one foot in front of the other,
… is having faith.

Accepting setbacks without coming to a halt
… is having faith.

Being kind when the urge is great
… to express our pain through anger
… is having faith.

Becoming still before the beauty of a flower
… when the impulse is to destroy all within our reach
… is having faith.

Faith that lifts us up and makes us soar
… is practice for the faith
… that sticks by us when we are too tired to have faith.

Copyright © 2009 Anna Jedrziewski

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