Book Review – Live Your Nonsense

Reprinted from New Age Retailer (September 2010) with permission

Live Your Nonsense: Halfway to Dawn with Eros
Daryl Sharp
$25 (P) 978-1-894574-31-0
Inner City Books

Daryl Sharp has spent the last forty years promoting the practical application of Carl Jung’s work. He is editor of the vast Inner City Books library of books by Jungian analysts and author of several of those volumes. He began this book reluctantly. Nonsense, he tells us, is personal. It can point one toward individuation. It can reveal hidden things about a person. It can lure one into the deep end unexpectedly. And — it often goes hand-in-hand with Eros. In the end, Sharp has given us twenty-six nonsensical vignettes with psychological musings. They are about him (and sometimes his clients) and he has made himself transparent (as far as one can tell). The result is a tour of one Jungian analyst’s inner dance with his anima. This one is different but it was fun to read a book that doesn’t take you from Point A to Point B but instead just invites you along for a ride.
—Anna Jedrziewski for New Age Retailer

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