Book Review – Hijacked by Eros

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Last of The Eros Trilogy (my reviews of Live Your Nonsense and Trampled to Death by Geese appear below), this is the most straight-forward of the three books. It also includes The Eros Aspect of the Eye by Sharp’s analyst and mentor, A. R. Pope. That writing is a matter for separate review. The fact that Sharp ended his highly creative and well-crafted series with the words of his revered teacher is also a matter for discussion at a later date. What is up for discussion in the moment is Sharp’s highly enlightening treatise, which true to form, he presents almost like an afterthought.

Personal anecdotes and the trademark scattering of song lyrics, along with humorous accounts of the amorous adventures of Sharp’s inner sidekick Razr, create the canvas upon which Sharp places his insightful synthesis of Jungian teaching. Ideas like contrasexual complexes, participation mystique, persona identification, anima possession, intimacy with distance, and compensation within the psyche become understandable concepts as he recounts his eros-driven adventures and fantasies. His years of immersion in Jungian theory, mining the depths of it for what is useful to him and for his clients, allows him to put Jung’s ideas into his own words with confidence. Distilling the essence of the master’s work, he explains it in ways that make it truly helpful to the rest of us. Don’t mistake the self-effacing tone for ineptitude. Sharp knows exactly what he’s doing. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from his experience.

—Anna Jedrziewski for

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