Inspir-A-Poem™ Number Seventeen

The cold is like little needles
… stabbing unexpectedly.

But the cold is also invigorating.
It’s gift is an awareness of life.
It’s message is be aware.

Be aware of what surrounds you.
Don’t ignore the air you breathe.
It will demand your attention unexpectedly.

Be aware of the thoughts that propel you.
They will take you where you think
… whether you want to go there or not.

Be aware of what you want.
Do your motions reflect your desires?

Be aware of what’s important.
Are you rushing off to someplace
…you don’t really need to be.

What is it that you are leaving behind?
Why have you chosen to depart from it?

What is the message that the cold speaks today?
Be alive … decide … don’t leave me.

Copyright © 2009 Anna Jedrziewski

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