Book Review — Brain Power

New World Library

We don’t have to deteriorate as we age. We can improve with age, not just metaphorically but literally. This is especially true of our brains. Expert in creative/genius thinking Gelb and BrainSync founder Howell have gathered the evidence and organized it into eight enlightening chapters. Pulling together cutting-edge science, motivational quotes dating as far back as 100 B.C.E., and the insights garnered from years of communicating these life-changing ideas, Gelb and Howell have outlined the most direct path to healthy and empowered aging.

Some of the key strategies: stop negative thinking, choose positive role models, keep learning, embrace intelligent exercise, rustproof your brain, reconnect with nature, maintain social networks, and train your brain waves (a free BrainSync download comes with the book). There’s plenty of information, all of it easy to read, and the optimistic tone creates a can-do mind set in the reader. The book inspires, not with philosophical cheerleading, but with workable, real-world ideas that cry out to be tried.

I loved this book. Of course I did. It’s easy to love a book that recommends coffee, chocolate, and red wine, especially when it also includes a section entitled Secrets of a Happy Sex Life after Fifty.

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