Book Review – 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency


Llewellyn Publications

The happier you are, the faster your energy vibrates. The faster your rate of vibrational frequency, the happier you are. Since we all experience negative emotions which lower our vibrational frequencies, the trick is to learn how to boost those frequencies back up again. That’s exactly what this book is about.

The book is designed to be used sequentially, one vibration-raising technique a day for a year. Alvarez has carefully presented them to build on each other and to stagger the types of exercises for the reader. One day you will learn about digital catalysts; the next day you’ll create a trigger to take you back to a calm, centered state within yourself. Step-by-step you’ll develop mindfulness, open up your psychic abilities, discover past lives, learn about divination tools and crystals, release negativity, and, most of all, get to know your inner source of wisdom and serenity. Each technique is described in one or two easy-to-understand pages with an affirmation at the end. They are small gifts — focusing devices — meant to be opened one day at a time. Gradually, their cumulative power will create a shift in awareness. It’s magic, the kind of magic that comes from training your brain to think in your own best interest.

This is a great pick-me-up for a friend or for yourself. Better yet, get one for each of you and do the exercises together.

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