Inspir-A-Poem™ Number Twenty

Time begins to flow more slowly
… more evenly.

Life is not ticked off in fits and starts
… but in even beats
… no beat calling more attention to itself
… than the next.

Days return to moving like they’re
.. part of the circle again.

The weeks accumulate as the days go round.

Perhaps the swirling has settled into a pattern once again.
For how long?

The moon rises over a quiet sea.
Who will churn the tides?

The birds are busy in and out of the trees.
When will they retreat to safe shelter?

There are no guarantees.
It is difficult to enjoy the calm after the storm.
The storm is still too vivid in our memory.
When will the memory fade?

When will we be caught off guard
… again — again — again — again …

Copyright © 2009 Anna Jedrziewski

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