Book Review – Coventry Magic

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It was over two decades ago that Jacki Smith discovered the world of magic. She embraced it whole-heartedly and began studying every aspect of it. Her enthusiasm lead her to begin creating Blessed Magical Candles using herb and oil mixtures that she made herself.

Her candles quickly became a thriving business, and her customers began badgering her for books about candle magic. She finally wrote one herself, and it’s a good one. It incorporates basic magical theory and ethics, an overview of traditional magical tools (i.e., tarot, crystals, astrology, talismans, colors), an in-depth discussion of magical candles (their history, the how-to’s of creating them, their use in divination), and a serious review of spell casting.

This well thought-out book will seduce both your inner goddess and your inner child. Smith writes in a youthful, upbeat style, sometimes a bit irreverent, always talking to her reader straight-up. She has no doubt that the reader will become a successful practitioner of magic. She knows that it is possible. I dare you to read her book without giving at least some of her techniques a try. Make a cup of jasmine tea, find a quiet corner, and take your time reading this one. You never know what you might conjure up.

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