Book Review — Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living


Adapt and thrive. That’s the message traditionally-trained Craft practitioner Draco has for readers. Rather than withdrawing to practice time-honored rituals in secret, she encourages modern witches to open their windows, explore their neighborhoods, put a pot of herbs on their kitchen window sills, light a candle, and summon their ingenuity. Her strategy is expansive, inclusive, and confident, rather than hierarchical and exclusive. Her advice to us is to trust our instincts and use our commonsense.

Carefully distinguishing her practice from Wicca, she encourages modern witches to care less about worshipping nature with elaborate rituals, and to focus instead on developing a personal relationship with the physical environment. She thinks of herself as a caretaker, rather than a manipulator, of the natural world.

There’s a lyrical quality to her writing which lifts the reader into the modern magical world she describes. She provides basic information about herbs, magic pouches, talismans, pagan holidays, spells, and pathworking. More importantly, she has created a handbook for restoring sanity to an overcrowded and cramped urban lifestyle. The magic ingredients are creativity and fun. Mixed together with standard, real-world ingredients like herbs, urban birdwatching, city parks, and Feng Shui, they will put you well on your way to being the mistress/master of your world. It’s a great way to start the New Year

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