Inspir-A-Poem™ Number Twenty-One

Growing … growing … grown.
Spring … sprung … hello!

Is the change I feel illusion?
Merely wishful thinking?

The struggle has seemed so relentless.
It has gone for a long time.
Have we really prevailed?

Do the cycles of nature
… influence our behaviors?
Or do we merely become diverted
… by the change?

The crocus points its way above ground
… and opens out its color.
Others soon follow its path to the top.

As I watch this ritual unfold
… do I capture the young energy of rebirth?
Or am I mesmerized by its power
… and believe I am part of it?

Can we stop and begin anew
… rather than glancing quickly
… and returning to our patterned behavior?

Can we really be spring
… instead of observing spring?

Can I become the crocus?

Copyright © 2009 Anna Jedrziewski

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