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Red Wheel/Weiser

Recommended by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Casting Sacred Space is a thorough and highly credible accounting of the ways in which physical space can be charged (psychically energized) in order to facilitate metaphysical/spiritual experiences. Casting is a key component of magickal workings. Variations occur across many esoteric traditions, some modern, some dating back to ancient times.
Dominguez, using both traditional study and psychic exploration, forms his instructions from a melding of many of these traditions.

He covers the personal basics — like developing our psychic senses, learning to interpret symbols, grounding, and centering — in a way that demonstrates both his broad background and his years of serious practice. He begins the casting rituals with the circle (familiar to us through standing-stone circles like Stonehenge), and then expands the suggested formats to include crystal triangles, stars, pillars, squares, Qabbalistic pathworking, and Chakra-based energy raising. Informed, authoritative, and motivated by a desire to help people develop these often-overlooked skills in a safe manner, Casting the Circle provides a valuable addition to magickal/esoteric literature.

I wholeheartedly concur with Ashcroft-Nowicki’s endorsement. Every psychic practitioner, new or seasoned, will find insight and high-level guidance within these very readable pages.

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