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Years ago I did a meditation in which the predominant image was a crocodile (ancient Egyptian symbol of time) seated on a throne. Because of the high-stress, multi-tasking life I was living at the time, it took me months to figure out that the universe (and/or my subconscious) was telling me that I was worshiping at the feet of TIME!. It’s a chronic ailment of our times, and there are lots of books telling us what we might do about it. What makes this one different? Rather than attempting to tell us how to manage time better, Makridakis tells us that we need to apply the innate human ability of creativity to create time. Sound impossible? If so, this book is a gift which has your name on it.

The book is beautifully illustrated with original art that makes the author’s concepts come alive, but the techniques she offers readers require no traditional artistic skill. Makridakis lets everyone start with a blank page. There are no mistakes, only explorations. Her goal is to help us think of time as both linear and NUMINOUS, and to begin consciously choosing which version of time we apply to any given situation in our lives. The shift in consciousness requires practice, but the practice in this case is playful. Are you ready to believe that playing can create more time? Makridakis makes a very compelling argument that it’s true. Still skeptical? You can find out more about Makridakis and her ideas on her website, This book is definitely worth taking a serious look at. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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