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This is a highly readable academic treatise on the life and work of one of the major pioneers of modern Western spiritual thought. It was during childhood that Swedenborg began controlling his breath and focusing his mind during prayer. By the time he was an adult, he was highly skilled at using the technique to alter his brain chemistry and shift his consciousness into a deep meditative state. Inner doors opened for him and he pursued them as earnestly as he pursued the rational, scientific study which defined his early professional career. In mid-life he experienced a full-blown spiritual crisis, similar to those experienced by many of the Saints. Afterwards, he communicated with angels and the dead, talking and writing about his encounters as if they were common, every day occurrences.

New Agers and present day occultists might be more familiar with names like Jung, Yeats, Goethe, Poe, de Balzac, and Yeats, but Swedenborg predated all of them, and echoes of Swedenborg’s ideas permeate their work.

Lachman paints a literary portrait of a man who was at the heart of modern esoteric thinking. His rendering puts the roots of the modern alternative spiritual movement in the context of the society out of which it was born. Paired with Lachman’s earlier work, Jung the Mystic, (see review below) we have a clear picture of the foundation of a spiritual shift that is only now beginning to blossom fully. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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.Jung The Mystic: The Esoteric Dimensions of Carl Jung’s Life and Teachings
Gary Lachman
$24.95 (H), ISBN 978-1-58542-792-5
Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin
The release of Jung’s mysterious Red Book last year opened the door to an exploration of the real depth of Jung’s belief in mysticism and the occult. Gary Lachman has been quick out that door with a serious but comprehensive new biography of Jung and his interest in the esoteric.

I’ve attended a few discussions of the Red Book images and been stunned by the breadth of Jung’s personal knowledge about the other realms. It shouldn’t take long for the “Father of the New Age” to be annointed as one of the great explorers of the other side. Lachman’s book will let customers know you’re on top of the trend.

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